Welcome to the Historic Page of the Connecticut~Copperthite Pie Baking Company founded in Georgetown, District of Columbia in 1886 and Incorporated in 1888. This site is under construction but if you need to order pies or to have a slice please contact our local retailer in McLean Virginia @ (703) 749-9090 or https://www.starnutgourmet.com/.

If you need to Special Order pies for an event or occasion, are looking for pies for a non-profit or charitable event please email us directly @ Pies@CoCoPieCo.com or call us with details @ 202.670-PIE0.

You can also find us on FaceBook by going to @YouGotPie

Cheers and come back soon!

Michael C. Copperthite

Proud Great Great Grandson of the Founders Henry and Johanna O’Neil Copperthite